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I am a native Oregonian who has made a home in Southeast Portland with an amazing husband and inspiring daughter. We share our little patch of land with two heelers, turkeys, ducks, fish, cats and too many chickens, so I am happy to add complimentary eggs to any local ceramics purchases. 

I divide my professional time between my lifetime career as whitewater river guide, bartender and my home studio. Ceramics began as a college elective and turned into a slow burning passion that really ignited when I was faced with pregnancy and a bit of a temporary career shift.

My work is split between a love of dinnerware art and more abstract garden art. Sgraffito--the process of laying dark underglaze over light semi-dry clay and carving/etching out images--dominates much of my work. I love the crisp lines of sgraffito married to the shifting movement of layered glazes, which you will find is a common theme in my work. 

If there are pieces represented in my online presence that are unavailable in the store, please contact me. I will do some custom work. 

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